Anger Management Training Helps First Responders On and Off the Job

First responders work under intense, often chaotic conditions that produce high levels of stress on a regular basis. These public servants are often involved in dramatic conditions where death and severe injury are common occurrences. The intense conditions can cause difficulty dealing with emotions such as frustration and anger, which can boil over at unexpected […]

Several Alternative Treatments Show Promises for PTSD Patients

Individuals with PTSD may show a variety of symptoms related to their trauma, including depression, hyperalertness, substance abuse and difficulty sleeping. These patients may require a variety of therapies to help them deal with the emotional consequences of past events. Alternative treatments are now being used to help reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. […]

PTSD in the Military

People who serve in the military are frequently exposed to traumatic events. Situations such as combat that lead to loss and fear, injuries sustained from combat, numerous deployments and military sexual assault all take emotional tolls on many service members. Due to the tough challenges of military life and combat events, during which many incur […]

Trauma, Triggers and the Military

For those who struggle with addiction, depression or post-traumatic stress, the world is full of stimuli that can trigger intense reactions. This is especially true for members of the military. Facing war and death can have a significant impact on mental health, and it’s important to understand the triggers that military personnel may deal with […]

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction in Police Officers

Police officers face significant job-related stress, and many are routinely exposed to traumatic situations that can take a toll on their mental health. First responders like police officers may find coping with stress difficult, especially when subjected to long work hours and routine stressors. Because of their high-stress occupations, some police officers and first responders […]