Substance Abuse in the Military

Military service is fraught with stress. Serving for long periods away from home and being subjected to dangerous conditions can take a toll on mental health. Many people serving in the military are subjected to traumatic and life-threatening situations. As a way to cope with the stress of the job, some military service members may […]

Signs of Drug & Alcohol Intoxication in Firefighters

Firefighters – Blazes Are Not the Only Battles Firefighters experience stress, trauma, injury and death regularly while working. They aren’t immune to the suffering and carnage they hear and see. Firefighters are also constantly trying to balance their own safety against rescuing lives and property. In addition, firefighters have the pressure of keeping their fellow […]

Firefighters: Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

Firefighters, Trauma and Stress The bravery and commitment firefighters display when saving lives and property, while risking their own lives, is admired and revered. They are our first line of defense in a blaze. Unfortunately, like many other first responders, firefighters can and do experience trauma from seeing injuries and deaths. Firefighters are not immune […]

OxyContin 101

The drug OxyContin is a commonly prescribed medication for chronic pain management; however, medical professionals are rapidly discovering that there is a fine line between pain management and recreational abuse or dependency. According to WebMD, OxyContin is a morphine-like drug prescribed to reduce pain resulting from a number of different conditions, including cancer, arthritis, physical […]